Please pass this along to every Cheltenham resident you know.

Stay  tuned for the NEXT meeting of the Cheltenham Young Democrats!

When: TBD
Where: TBD

Who: Anybody! Especially young Democrats (between 18 and 40 years old.)


(Over 40 year olds are also welcome but you might not get all of the hip references we make during the meeting.)


There are many kinds of young Democrat.

Students who want change the world.
Recent grads who just registered to vote.
Parents, children, home owners, renters.
The outraged! The civically voracious!
The curious; the worried; the visionaries.

Come get involved.

- Make plans for fixing this big mess.
- Talk about local, state, and national issues you care about.
- Help organize to improve our community, get out the vote, (run for office??), and generally cope!
- Get ready for elections 2018.

Share this with people who you think will want it.

 - Dan

Dan Schultz
P: (215) 400-1233
T: @slifty

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