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Please Note: Due to the Coronavirus, there may be changes in Polling locations.


Please find your polling location on the list below: 









Polling Locations for the General Election are being updated. Please check back.  
Polling locations will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Precinct and Committee persons

1-1 |  Committee Person  Katrina Looby

 Committee Person  Martin Schmid

1-2 |  Committee Person  Deborah McCarter

 Committee Person  Steve McCarter

1-3 |  Committee Person   Meika Jones

 Committee Person   Vanessa McKenzie

1-4 |  Committee Person  

 Committee Person  Vacant

2-1 |  Committee Person  Wendy Blutstein

 Committee Person  Dwight Pedro Lewis

2-2  Committee Person  Deidra Roussaw

 Committee Person  Jacqueline Jgutashvilli

2-3 | Committee Person  Craig Browne

 Committee Person  Daphne Oliver

2-4 | Committee Person  Regina Gordon

 Committee Person  Napoleon Nelson

3-1 | Committee Person  Ted Cerebi

Committee Person  Jessica T. Way

3-2 | Committee Person  Joe Kappler

 Committee Person  Ken Mirsky

3-3 | Committee Person  Brad Pransky

 Committee Person  Jon Harris-Shapiro 

3-4 | Committee Person  

 Committee Person  Sean Gavin

4-1 | Committee Person  Vacant

 Committee Person  Vacant

4-2 | Committee Person  Vacant

 Committee Person  Contrella Thomas 

4-3 | Committee Person  Regina Gordon

Committee Person  Ryan Kilmer

4-4 | Committee Person  Steve Burns

Committee Person  Andrew D. Montroy

5-1 | Committee Person  Bill England

 Committee Person  Will Pillsbury


5-2 | Committee Person  Carla Davis Cunningham

 Committee Person  Caryl T. Levin

5-3 | Committee Person  Darlene Levin

 Committee Person  Judith Krugman

5-4 | Committee Person  Joyce Drayton

 Committee Person  Daniel Norris

6-1 | Committee Person  Eileen Rall

 Committee Person  Gretchen Wisehart 

6-2 | Committee Person  Brian Gralnick

 Committee Person  

6-3 | Committee Person  Tyrone Scott

 Committee Person  Mitch Zygmund Felt 

7-1 | Committee Person  

Committee Person  Linda Musumeci

7-2 | Committee Person  Marc Lieberson

 Committee Person   Abbey Shuster

7-3 | Committee Person  Mary Russell

Committee Person  Irvin Brockington

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