Please Note: Due to the Coronavirus, there may be changes in Polling locations.


We will post the updated list of polling places as soon as it becomes available. 



Please find your polling location on the list below: 









Precinct and Committee persons

1-1 |  Committee Person  Katrina Looby

 Committee Person  Martin Schmid

1-2 |  Committee Person  Deborah McCarter

 Committee Person  Steve McCarter

1-3 |  Committee Person   Meika Jones

 Committee Person   Vanessa McKenzie

1-4 |  Committee Person  

 Committee Person  Vacant

2-1 |  Committee Person  Wendy Blutstein

 Committee Person  Leonard Eisenman

2-2  Committee Person  Deidra Roussaw

 Committee Person  Jacqueline Jgutashvilli

2-3 | Committee Person  Craig Browne

 Committee Person  Daphne Oliver

2-4 | Committee Person  Regina Gordon

 Committee Person  Napoleon Nelson

3-1 | Committee Person  Ted Cerebi

Committee Person  Jessica T. Way

3-2 | Committee Person  Joe Kappler

 Committee Person  Ken Mirsky

3-3 | Committee Person  Brad Pransky

 Committee Person  Jon Harris-Shapiro 

3-4 | Committee Person  Nichles Drumgoole

 Committee Person  Sean Gavin

4-1 | Committee Person  Vacant

 Committee Person  Vacant

4-2 | Committee Person  Vacant

 Committee Person  Contrella Thomas 

4-3 | Committee Person  Regina Gordon

Committee Person  Napoleon Nelson 

4-4 | Committee Person  Steve Burns

Committee Person  Andrew D. Montroy

5-1 | Committee Person  Margaret Griffen

 Committee Person  Megan Gorman


5-2 | Committee Person  Carla Davis Cunningham

 Committee Person  Caryl T. Levin

5-3 | Committee Person  Darlene Levin

 Committee Person  Judith Krugman

5-4 | Committee Person  Joyce Drayton

 Committee Person  Daniel Norris

6-1 | Committee Person  D. Bruce Hanes

 Committee Person  Mickey Simon

6-2 | Committee Person  Brian Gralnick

 Committee Person  Ed Lichstein

6-3 | Committee Person  Tyrone Scott

 Committee Person  Mitch Zygmund Felt 

7-1 | Committee Person  Beverly Fries

Committee Person  Linda Musumeci

7-2 | Committee Person  Marc Lieberson

 Committee Person   Abbey Shuster

7-3 | Committee Person  Mary Russell

Committee Person  Irvin Brockington